Mrs Nafisa Bohra

Ayaan with Nafisa Bohra
We would like to take this opportunity to thank Children’s Nook for all the cooperation extended to us. We are very happy with the progress Ayaan has made and we absolutely acknowledge your contribution in Ayaan getting

Mr Jain

Amaira Jain
We are glad to be a part of the CN family & it’s thoughtful culture. As a parent, our best moment with the school is that our daughter Amaira has developed communication and social skills after this pandemic period. As we

Mrs Sanvi Shorodkar

Divij Shirodkar
Thank you so much teachers of Children’s Nook Activity Centre, Gamdevi team for a wonderful year. Divij was really missing school during the pandemic and was so glad when you all opened classes physically; he has a fun

Mrs Dhara Upadhyaya

Kreesha Upadhyaya
A big thank you to all the awesome teachers for making every day enjoyable for Kreesha. We enjoyed this journey with Children’s Nook as you all helped Kreesha become more vocal, confident and a joyous learner . The program is

Mrs Kavedi

Keeva Kavedi
Thank you so much Children’s Nook Activity Centre, Gamdevi, all the heads and teachers for the lovely experience from playgroup to nursery class. Keeva loves each day of school which has well planned activities and skill oriented events.

Mrs Mehta

Dhiyana Mehta
I would like to thank Children’s Nook Activity Centre, Gamdevi for having such a wonderful curriculum to promote holistic development of a child. I had enrolled my daughter at a very young age and I am really happy with that

Shireen Bhesadia

Myra Bhesadia
Our journey with Children’s Nook has been the best–full of learning, laughter and a lot of fun! The efforts put in by the entire team are evident in their enthusiasm and positivity. Right from online schooling during the pandemic, to physical…

Priyal Bhartiya

Zehen Bhartiya
As a parent I was really happy and content to send Zehen to Children’s Nook School. Right from the faculty to the teachers and the staff, we had great support. All the teachers took personal care of each child in the class and kept giving feedback to…

Nikita Bokadia

Panaisha Bokadia
A good preschool in the formative years of a child plays an integral part in his/her overall growth. First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all the teachers of Children’s Nook for their efforts and selfless sacrifice towards…