“…igniting the spirit of Moomba”

For the past 25 years, we’ve provided young pre-schoolers a stimulating learning environment …one that encourages them to become rational, aware and adaptable young adults. We’ve had the privilege to guide, mother, encourage and watch children grow in confidence every day and take their first steps in the world of learning. We’ve become part of the families that chose us as educational partners.

Though we have come to be known for our trademark dart symbol signifying our promise to aim and succeed through effective strategies, on our 25th Anniversary we introduced MOOMBA, the official mascot for all Children’s Nook pre-schools. Moomba symbolises the fresh spirit of dynamism, strength and leadership that our schools have come to be associated with. Moomba, a friendly lion cub, woos our children with his charm and playful approach to learning and inspires in them a strength and courage which they will carry within them in the years to come.

Moomba’s Gallery