“…opportunity to spread their wings & touch the sky!”

Gym session (Way forward)

This is our specialized advanced fitness program for the older children. At CN’s, we believe in moving a step ahead at every level. Once our toddlers have developed an interest in physical activities, we raise the bar higher and do a combination of yoga, aerobics and free hand activities. Our children love these Jam sessions of physical activities as not only they are challenged but suitably encouraged to participate. An innate part of this program is understanding Teamwork.

Free Play session

CN’s free play sessions are unstructured free play time specially designed to develop basic social skills in tandem with gross motor skill development. When we say that it is unstructured we mean that acting as a facilitator, the teacher encourages children to try out various different gross motor skills activities as per their free will; slides, trampoline, various aiming games, introduction to nine pin bowling, basket ball, bat and ball and introduction to many other simple games, leading to the development of pre-sporting abilities.

Physical Prowess
Children under the facilitator’s guidance learn to be patient and develop qualities and social skills like waiting for their turn, sharing, caring, being polite and becoming more confident. These sessions are showcased through our Annual Sports Day.

Skill sets being enhanced through Gym and Free Play Sessions

  • Working on gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Learning to use large muscles in legs and arms
  • Balancing – the ability to adjust body symmetrically
  • Hand-eye coordination (to run, kick, throw and catch)
  • Body awareness (body posture and control)
  • Major muscle coordination
  • Spatial orientation
  • Introduction to simple games
  • Team building and team spirit
  • Inculcating healthy life style habits
  • Introduction to pre-sporting ability