JBCN Education is a professional services firm operating in the education vertical and has pioneered the development of kindergarten schools in Mumbai. The experience that spans over three decades, boasts of seven kindergarten schools in Mumbai, under the flagship of Children’s Nook Group of Pre-Schools, setting up and coordinating management strategies for two boutique schools in Mumbai – NSS Hill Spring International school and JBCN PAN Academy (an integrated school for children with learning difficulties) – and various other academic consultancy projects. We now have 3 international schools – Borivali, Parel and Oshiwara following the Cambridge curriculum. We have over 2500 learners in our three schools. Currently, JBCN Education is a part of 18 educational institutes in varying capacities.

As JBCN continues to grow the aim is to set up more high schools and pre-schools in India. The ultimate goal is to design and establish “knowledge villages” across the country, which provide parents, students and teachers a “one-stop” solution for the academic development of their children, from day care and kindergarten, high school and degree universities, to diploma courses and teacher training centers, all housed under one roof.

Jbcn Education
The committed and dedicated team at JBCN ensures constant curriculum development and teacher training programs. The team is constantly researching and looking at introducing new and innovative methods in the curriculum to ensure that it does not become stagnant.

JBCN, as an integral part of the management team of Children’s Nook Group of Pre Schools, is committed to aiding the development of students through academic guidance and co curricular activities in order to ensure that our young children become compassionate citizens of the world. The intent is to nurture each child individually and ensure that children are empowered with varied experiences during their schooling years to develop their own rationale, and the confidence to integrate academic knowledge with real-life occurrences. Simply put, JBCN aims to evolve children from “just” school students to responsible adults of tomorrow. Learning, therefore is promoted as a lifelong process. To achieve this goal, JBCN, inspired by various national and international learning methodologies, integrates different learning strategies and curricula in our schools.

The desire of the management team is also to grow and evolve each year with the support of the students and the parent body, making the school a progressive unit. We work towards creating a stimulating, enjoyable and dynamic learning environment for students and, in turn, their families.It’s been over three decades since we celebrated the transition of our first batch of kindergarten children to a high school and we are delighted that our simple message, “Learning is easy… when learning is fun”, has inspired every subsequent batch to achieve what many consider beyond the ordinary.

The JBCN Journey

“….progressive & planned growth”
Mumbai- based JBCN Education has been a pioneering corporate house in the field of education for over 30 years having built a strong presence in the market through the management of 14 educational institutes – including pre-schools and national and international high schools – which have adopted an unparalleled curriculum across all levels. Our Educational Milestones as owners, managing partners and academic consultants are:


  • Children’s Nook Group of Pre-schools
  • JBCN International School – Borivali, Parel, Oshiwara and Chembur


  • NSS Hill Spring International School – Authorised IB (PYP & DP) and IGCSE (Academic Consultants)
  • B D Somani International School, Mumbai – IB (DP)
  • DRS International School, Hyderabad – IB (DP)
  • Goldcrest High, Mumbai
  • JBCN PAN Academy, Mumbai
  • Olive Green Kids, Ahmedabad