The teacher training for new trainees has been divided into two parts: 1) Reading of all the teaching material (weekly planners, teaching philosophy, certain books that need to be taught to the students) 2) In class training: They observe teaching methods, how teachers respond to children and how concepts are reinforced in different ways. For example, if it is a language enhancement class how a teacher reads to the children and in turn enhances their language skills. The duration of the in class training is typically 1 month so that the trainee teacher can get an overview of all the different activities that are held in the school including extra curricular activities, special days and field trip days. At the end of the training period the teachers are requested to conduct a demo class so that the head of department can discern how much the teacher has been able to grasp and if there are areas which need to be developed on. In order to complement our teacher training programs for new teachers we are also developing a mentor program, where our senior teachers will hand hold the aspiring teachers and guide them through their learning process.
“…an act of faith, with a promising future”

Nurturing New Teachers