Creative Arts

We at CN believe in developmentally appropriate art experience. For our children it’s an open ended program of experiencing and exploring techniques, tools and materials doing activities that are chosen with great care. Our Creative Art program gives wings to our learners to be able to express, feel, observe, think and imagine through two and three dimensional art. It’s a proven fact that children who are introduced to creativity at an early age, learn to relax and focus and have amazing planning and problem solving ability.

Skill sets being developed through Creative Expression:

  • Gaining fine motor skills,
  • Strengthening eye hand motor co-ordination,
  • Nurturing pre-writing skills
  • Developing perceptual abilities (awareness of colour, shape, form and line)
  • Nurturing ability to make choices and problem solving (What colour should I use? How do I add legs to a clay figure? )
  • Pre- math, Pre-language, Pre-Science skills all are introduced through art (learning shapes, sizes, learning simple vocabulary like cutting, pasting, texture etc).
  • Strengthening visualization and imagination

Through art and craft we engage multiple brain area simultaneously and improve bilateral co-ordination between left and right side of brain, leading to immediate and future cognitive development. This is a closely monitored program and we have our own parameters to measure skill sets and further ways of enhancing them. This program is managed by our specialist on board who have years of experience in early childhood development, integrated with creative arts.