Story sessions and Read Aloud

Stories are a window to the world of wonder. We believe in stimulating the child’s imagination, opening a universe of possibilities and helping them to imbibe a vibrant world view through stories.

We at CN believe that story telling is not only a way of appreciating world cultures and traditions but also a means to open the mind’s eye, helping to see opportunity in challenges. Our personalized and creatively designed story session enable our children to learn to respect, to be more responsible and many more valuable life skills.

Skill sets being developed through our Story Time:

  • Together we learn to befriend books at an early age, knowing simple concepts like who is an author, who is an illustrator, reading happens from left to right.
  • Familiarity with sounds, words, language and value of books;
  • Understanding that words have different sounds;
  • Learning new vocabulary and usage in daily life;
  • Being comfortable with the language(ability to understand and repeat a story in one’s own words).
  • Learning to use pitch, volume and intonation effectively to emote and express
  • Understanding the difference between make believe and the real world.
  • Enchancing imagination and visualization skills.
This is a closely monitored program and we have our own parameters to measure skill sets and further ways of enhancing them.

Our Read Aloud sessions are conducted by our expert on board, who has special experience in vocabulary development and language enhancement during early childhood.