Parents always feel some anxiety when applying for high schools. We at Childrens’ Nook make sure that we give complete support to our parents and make this transition period very smooth and stress free, by following means;
  • Our team is always there to support you and assist you in clarifying any doubts regarding high schools to the best of our ability.
  • Various workshops are held in school to keep our parents abreast about new teaching methodology and techniques in the field of education. Also appraising parents about different available boards, helps them to make well informed choice for their children.
  • We take care that our parents are completely clued on to our academic and co- curricular program through are monthly discussion sessions.
  • Being armed with thirty years of experience and seeing 4000 students graduate into different boards over the years puts us in a unique position to assist a smooth transition for our learners to high school.
Parent Enrichment