“Preparing children to be themselves; confident, outspoken and happy”

Our children are the ones who enjoy the high school interactions the most as they have been nurtured through our well designed cutting edge curriculum to be confident, happy young Moomba’s marching ahead blissfully.

Peek-a-Boo into our world

  • Experiential Learning
    Our experiential learning philosophy is based on our firm belief “Education is not about training our mind to learn facts, but education is to experience and to train the mind to think”.

  • Opportunities to Express
    “Self Confidence….The foundation of all great success and achievement”
    Our progressive system is designed to make sure that our children get ample opportunity to emote, express and elocute, thus shaping them into confident individuals, removing stage fright and nurturing the seed of effective public speaking, which helps them to do well in any interaction. This may be done through in- house events or events organized on a large scale at special venues.

  • Assessments: Mock Sessions and Group Time
    “All Assessment is a perpetual work in progress”
    Regular assessment and discussion are a part of CN methodology as we believe that regular Learner assessment is a means for us to realize that how we need to individualize, strategize and customize our approach, making our journey even more interesting and fruitful for each and every child. These assessments are done through Daily Personalized Group Sessions and Mock assessment Sessions held in house and at various CN branches.
Childrens Nook Learner Enrichment