An awesome scaling, two and a half decades of being associated with Children’s Nook. Everyday has been a hands-on experience from being a home room teacher to Mentoring to heading the school. An in-depth insight to the approach towards learning has broadened my horizon where we aptly follow the Motto ” Learning is easy when learning is fun.” It has been a delightful experience full of challenges.
It’s been more than two decades since I have been associated with Children’s Nook and I can proudly say that it’s my second home. It’s a place where you don’t just learn but are encouraged to build on your strengths, provided sufficient guidance and support to move to the next level and trust me when I say this – sky is the limit!

I am proud to be part of CN!
Effective preschool management facilitates clear and consistent communication with the parent community. It also involves coordinating all administrative processes, managing budgets, policies and events.
At Children’s Nook, I have learnt all of this, and learning being a continuous process, I am still learning each day, be it from my HOPp, my teachers and even my children.
I have always enjoyed networking, and when this job was offered to me in 2018, there were no second thoughts.
Though the school is officially called Children’s Nook Activity Centre, I would call it Children’s Nook Active Family Centre!!!! It’s literally a “Happy Place”.
As an administrator, my goal is to strengthen the 4 pillars of management– Planning, Organizing, Directing and Controlling.
The minds of young children are like a sponge – they absorb as we pour in them. At Children’s Nook – we believe that knowledge and literacy are two greatest powers which bring empowerment and prepare a child to face the outside world.

I am very passionate about teaching, I may not have travelled the seven seas and seen the world but my world consists of my school, teaching and laying solid foundations for my children ahead!
With a decade of experience in pre-school as well as pre-primary schooling, I am dedicated to fostering a stimulating learning environment and nurturing the potential of every student. I have been opportunistic to work at “The Cathedral and John Connon Infant School” as a Teacher Aide with an experience of almost 5. Throughout my career, I have been fortunate to specialize in designing and planning curricula, and have successfully implemented innovative teaching strategies that engage students in active learning. I aim to promote critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for lifelong learning among our students. I believe that the term “Change” is not a single word but it is a constant upliftment of mindset to learn and develop various methods or programmes which can be further imbibed in the learning system in turn leading towards the growth prospects for the children’s learning outcomes. I firmly believe I possess an excellent understanding of the principles of child-centred development and preschool education techniques. I thoroughly hold the balance between a creative mind and a practical acumen. Keeping smooth, friendly and reliable communication between parents and teachers is my forte.
I am privileged to work with the Children’s Nook Activity Centre, and I am committed to collaborating with the faculty, parents, and students to ensure a supportive and productive learning environment.
Jasmita! An education enthusiast with an infectious enthusiasm for life and a knack for forging genuine human connections. With more than 10 years of experience in education management, Jasmita is the go-to person for admissions, team building, and creating those meaningful human bonds. Her scrupulous ways ensure that everything she does is executed with utmost perfection. Jasmita has a unique talent for transforming challenges into opportunities for growth. When she’s not shaping the future of education, you’ll find her exploring new horizons, embracing the latest tech trends, and spreading positivity wherever she ventures. She infuses some genuine warmth, meticulousness, and boundless enthusiasm into the world.


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