“…opportunity to spread their wings & touch the sky!”

The CN learning approach, through its varied level programs at the pre-primary level, aims to nurture the child for who he/she really is, to make the child aware of what consists of his/her surroundings, and to allow your child to express himself/herself through various mediums of speech, drama, art and craft. Only when the child is excited at the prospect of a challenge will the child participate and thereby succeed. Our goal is therefore to provide the appropriate stimulation. We also help the child in exploring different approaches to achieve the goal or target desired, because we believe that there is never one way of doing anything! Through this integrated and time-tested approach, we are confident the children will be able to ADAPT easily into a new environment, IMPLEMENT the multi-fold learning outcomes and EXPLORE situations beyond the norm, thereby; reaching for the extra-ordinary and making the whole process a LIFE LONG experience. That is our reward as teachers and more importantly, in turn a reward of the programs introduced at Children’s Nook.

Parents always feel some anxiety when applying for high schools. We at Childrens’ Nook make sure that we give complete support to our parents and make this transition period very smooth and stress free, by following means:
  • Learning life skills
  • Concentration on conceptual learning which enables you to transfer knowledge to real life
  • Attention to the individual child’s needs by providing the appropriate learning support
  • Developing an analytical and questioning mind and making the children keen observers of the world around them
  • Special focus on language enhancement and math concept development
  • Training to ensure that the child can move confidently from a pre-school to a high school environment
  • Focus not only on academic excellence, but on holistic development
  • Well-trained, professionally qualified teachers with great hands-on experience
  • Faculty and management jointly play a vital role in the growth and development of each student through Monthly Planners, Open Days, etc.
  • Field Trips which help the children to practise important social skills, develop confidence, and reinforce knowledge through experiential learning
  • Special events like Sports Day teach children about team spirit, the importance of participation and enhance the gross motor skills
  • Conceptual Learning Presentations give children an opportunity to express themselves in a variety of ways and enhance their presentation skills
  • Guiding parents at every step through parent-teacher conferences, workshops and so on
  • Celebrating all festivals introduces our students to varied traditions and cultures
  • ‘Sharing is Caring’ days, encourages the skill of sharing in the little ones
  • Low teacher-student ratio ensures individual attention
  • Developing social awareness through celebration of festivals with under privileged children
Rewards of the Children's Nook Programme