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About Children’s Nook

Children come to us in their formative years when their minds are highly receptive and active. The knowledge given to them between the ages of 0 and 5 stays with them for life and forms the basis for future education. Having recognised the importance of pre-school education and the redundancy of rote learning in today’s scenario, we have developed our curriculum to create thinkers who can analyze and apply their knowledge to real-life, problem-solving situations.
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Beyond Academics

A perfect learning center for your kids

Music and Dance

Our CN curriculum lays a lot of importance on singing with music and movements. Our sessions are specially designed keeping in mind language development.

Language Development

Language plays a major role in early childhood development. We at CN acknowledge this as an integral and most important part of our program.

Physical Prowess

This is our specialized advanced fitness program for the older children. At CN’s, we believe in moving a step ahead at every level.

Field Trips

Field trips and outdoor activities are integral to the success of the early year’s program and the children are exposed to an array of situations and environments.

Learner Enrichment

Preparing children to be themselves; confident, outspoken and happy

Our children are the ones who enjoy the high school interactions the most as they have been nurtured through our well designed cutting edge curriculum to be confident, happy young Moomba’s marching ahead blissfully.

  • Opportunities to Express

    Our progressive system is designed to make sure that our children get ample opportunity to emote, express and elocute, thus shaping them into confident individuals, removing stage fright and nurturing the seed of effective public speaking, which helps them to do well in any interaction. This may be done through in- house events or events organized on a large scale at special venues.
  • Assessments: Mock Sessions and Group Time

    Regular assessment and discussion are a part of CN methodology as we believe that regular Learner assessment is a means for us to realize that how we need to individualize, strategize and customize our approach, making our journey even more interesting and fruitful for each and every child. These assessments are done through Daily Personalized Group Sessions and Mock assessment Sessions held in house and at various CN branches.
  • Experiential Learning

    Our experiential learning philosophy is based on our firm belief “Education is not about training our mind to learn facts, but education is to experience and to train the mind to think”.
  • What Faculty Says

    “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere” Special thanks to Mrs. Pinky Dalal, our directors and entire management team of Children’s Nook for observing and appreciating my calibre and giving me a loving platform to grow from a teacher to an administrative head. Always encouraging me to grow professionally and offering various opportunities and roles in the “NOOK’S FAMILY”!!! Learning is easy, when learning is fun! At CHILDREN’S NOOK, we teach – we facilitate thinking. We engage minds, cherish every accomplishment and develop life long readers. We educate hearts–model kindness and make learning fun –We love our job –We Teach!!!
  • What Faculty Says

    Children’s Nook Activity Centre aspires all learners to succeed in their life. It offers a wide variety of challenging, enjoyable and successful curricular opportunities, language programme, art and musical programme with various expertise on board. I am proud to be a part of an institute whose continuous goal is to provide an excellent education system for our students.
  • What Faculty Says

    At Children’s Nook, we lay our main focus on this belief and aim towards the best. I am also proud of its commitment towards technology to help parents and students. We are constantly striving to stay on the cutting edge of technology, especially with our CN Mobile Application, with the help of which even our academic program details are easily available online!! Academic excellence with character, personality and attribute development is our ultimate goal. The well chalked out academic and co-curricular programme enables the students to attain their full potential to develop holistic development. The academic work is centered on highly personalized attention and supervision. May we continue to give our students strong roots like a Banyan tree and stronger wings like that of an Eagle to soar and conquer the world!!
  • What Faculty Says

    An awesome scaling, two and a half decades of being associated with Children’s Nook. Everyday has been a hands-on experience from being a home room teacher to Mentoring to heading the school. An in-depth insight to the approach towards learning has broadened my horizon where we aptly follow the Motto ” Learning is easy when learning is fun.” It has been a delightful experience full of challenges.
  • What Faculty Says

    It’s been more than two decades since I have been associated with Children’s Nook and I can proudly say that it’s my second home. It’s a place where you don’t just learn but are encouraged to build on your strengths, provided sufficient guidance and support to move to the next level and trust me when I say this – sky is the limit! I am proud to be part of CN!
  • What Faculty Says

    Being a part of CHILDREN’S NOOK GROUP OF SCHOOLS has been a privilege for the last 18 years. At Children’s Nook we encourage young minds to communicate, be understood and explore in an engaging environment. Children are nurtured with academic and social skills to make a smooth transition from “preschool to high school”.
  • What Faculty Says

    The minds of young children are like a sponge – they absorb as we pour in them. At Children’s Nook – we believe that knowledge and literacy are two greatest powers which bring empowerment and prepare a child to face the outside world. I am very passionate about teaching, I may not have travelled the seven seas and seen the world but my world consists of my school, teaching and laying solid foundations for my children ahead!


Children’s group of schools basking in laurels
of their hard work and achievements

childrensnook award by education today

Childrens Nook Gamdevi – Award by Education Today

A prestigious award function that was held in Bangalore in which Children’s Nook Gamdevi was awarded number 2 position in Mumbai, number 3 in Maharashtra and an impressive position of number 8 amongst India’s top 10 preschool.

Elets 6th School leadership Summit

Children’s Nook group of Preschool was felicitated for being among the top ten preschools in Mumbai. This prestigious award ceremony was held in the capital city of Delhi. Kudos to the team and the amazing efforts.

Award by Education Today

Children’s Nook Gamdevi was ranked number 6 amongst Mumbai Preschool’s and was at an impressive position of number 7 in Maharashtra. It is recognized as one of the most progressive pre-schools, nurturing the fast changing needs of the 21st century …