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Parents Speak

My daughter Jamila Rangwala, has been a part of CN for three years, she has demonstrated visible positive changes in her behavior, understanding of concepts and physical development. The school methodology is very interesting. The fact that they involve parents in various activities helps parents develop a bond with their child. We thank all the teachers and the management for making our journey so beautiful.

Parents Name: DR. Mustafa Rangwala, Mrs. Fatima Rangwala

Parissa, has had the most wonderful years at CN.

We were amazed with her clear speech and thinking skills, assembled over the formative years. The thought process like, why not to eat junk food, why saving water is essential, daily news paper reading , storytelling ability , her intuitive understanding on touch sensibility and many more such concepts amazed her.

Like for instance during Holi, why we celebrate Holi? Something which many of us would not know or would have forgotten was shared with children in a very simple way.

During all festivals, CN makes a point to celebrate, this makes learning complete.

Her vocabulary has improved dramatically and she now uses words, what we adult s term as “big words” quite easily in her conversation.

Thank you CN for making our child so much more confident and well-spoken

Sharmila Jain,
Mother of Parissa Jain

Preschool education plays an important role for laying the foundation of a child's bright future. We are pleased that Megh, had a wonderful year full of happiness, colours, music, art, stories and activities at Children's Nook. We as his parents appreciate your incredible patience, love and care towards our child.

Thank you, for everything you do to make school so much fun. Our son always comes home smiling and each day became a sweet memory to cherish. We are fortunate that our little bud is blooming under the guidance of your excellent team at Childrens Nook.

Name - Vrutika Jain
Child's name - Megh
Level - Pre Nursery Alpha 2015-16

Mahee was 1.5 years old when she started going to Children's Nook. Her social skills really improved with the gentle guidance of the teachers, who modeled compassion and appropriate interactions very effectively. The school space itself is also very conducive to positive socializing and lots of imaginative role playing.

Watching the growth and development of my child at CN has been an amazing journey. The joy on their face when they come home and tell us, how they learnt and enjoyed in school is wonderful. The curiosity and enthusiasm with which they are learning is beyond comparison. The development changes in them are immeasurable. It is just incredible to watch the transformation and imagine the adults they will become-- -with lots of love and respect for nature, earth, arts, music and the world around them. What more could we want for our future?

Name - Vaishali Kothari
Child's name - Mahee
Level - Nursery 2015-16