Special Days and Events

Special Days & Events

“...beyond the ordinary"

Pioneered by CN and popular among parents and students equally is the celebration of special days.

From ‘Red Day’, ‘Grandparents Day’, to ‘Pet and Jungle Day’ to name a few, every special day celebration is well-planned and executed. Parents play a major role in researching the topics and the feedback from home is absorbed through creative work in school by teachers and students. For all major occassions like Annual Days and Project Days, Fun Fairs , Sports Days, and so on, the students are efficiently trained and given an opportunity to express themselves, which, in turn, tends to build their confidence. More importantly, we cherish the opportunity to introduce to our students, varied traditions and cultures by celebrating all festivals, from Eid to Christmas and Diwali to Easter. Our greatest delight is to see all our children respond enthusiastically to “sharing is caring” days, during which we invite underprivileged children to participate in special events like Diwali or Christmas.


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  • I know all about transport
  • Cleanliness is the best policy!
  • Watch out….for the special sensory bins
  • Gearing up for Olympics!
  • Just like my teacher
  • Dressing up is fun
  • Rain and rainbows!!
  • Bubble Fun!
  • Physifest…games unlimited!!
  • Moomba’s Birthday!!
  • My sea world
  • There’s magic all around
  • Juggling away
  • Santa Clause is coming to town
  • CN’s..one big family
  • 25 years Carnival
  • Teamwork is fun
  • My annual concert!!
  • Feather Friends