Field Trips

Field Trips

“...we innovate with our field trips and special event"

Field trips and outdoor activities are integral to the success of the early year’s program and make sure that the children are exposed to an array of situations and environments.

The significance of these field trips is that children learn to cope when taken out of their comfort zone, thereby serving as an important development tool. More importantly, the demonstration and visual impact usually tends to create a lasting impression, which, in turn, complements the learning in a class environment.

At CN, our field trips are planned with great care taking into account the age group of the children and relating to the topics in school so that learning truly is a 360 degree process.


  • Close to Nature…
  • I am Loving it!
  • Mumbai Darshan with Friends..
  • The Castle Challenge
  • Young Athletes
  • Nature Walk is Fun!
  • Red says Stop Green Says Go
  • cn-fieldtrip-five
  • Beach Fun!
  • I Know All the Traffic Rules
  • cn-fieldtrip-four
  • cn-fieldtrip-three
  • Yipee… I can ride a Horse
  • cn-fieldtrip-one
  • Plants need water too…
  • cn-fieldtrip-six
  • cn-fieldtrip-two
  • Picnic at the Beach… What Fun!