The Mother Toddler Program at CN has been developed to expose toddlers to varied nurturing experiences. The idea to bring a toddler to school along with his/ her mother, is to “ease” the child into moving away from his/ her comfort zone. A parent’s physical presence in all activities makes the child “trust ‘’the new environment and therefore ‘’accept” it. This becomes the foundation for the playgroup stage. Toddlers also benefit just by watching others in their peer group act and therefore the one hour sessions help the child express, learn and participate. The young toddler is charged with energies and must be channelized. We therefore combine “free –play” and scientifically planned activities to encourage the toddler to begin his/her journey in the wonderful world of learning. Basic concepts like colours, celebration of festivals, introduction to the world of animals and many more are introduced through drama, stories, songs and physical play. Mother Toddler program is available at our Napeansea Road Branch for more details please mail at:
Childrens Nook Mother Toddler Program